The best of luck on your mission, Commander!

You follow an attendant to a space-bending room, where a chamber already awaits.  You peek through the open door of the coffin-sized metal room as you approach it, only slightly reassured by the cheerful, confident face of your transport technician.

"Have a save trip," the technician says as he closes the door.

You stand in the pitch-black box as a musky scent captures your senses and a warm wind sends ribbons of waves spiraling around you.  All goes silent as you feel the sensation of warm water passing over your body.

In an instant, you have traveled lightyears.  The door opens, and you step out into the engineering room of a massive starship.

Security Manager Brad Parker is there to meet you.  "Commander, it's so good to finally meet you," he says with a formal bow.  The officer is tall, with olive skin and dark hair.  He has a serious face and a strong build, carrying himself stiffly.  "This way Commander," he says.

You follow him through a series of corridors and down and elevator, to the hangar.  There, you meet the other two members of your team, Suxie and Buzz.  Suxie has ghost-white skin and hair, has a horn on her forehead, and stands over a foot taller than you, towering over every other person in the hangar.  In shapt contrast, Buzz is about the size of a cricket, with large eyes and antennae stemming from his elfin ears.

The four of you board your battleship and you take your positions.  The hangar technicians clear you for take-off, and Suxie pilots the ship into deep space.

"Coordinates set Commander," Suxie says.

You check her coordinates and approve the tactical route.  "Hold your heading," you tell her.

She nods.  "Yes, Commander."

"What you doing?" Buzz cried out in his high-pitched voice.  You turn to see what's wrong, only to find Security Manager Parker's taser pistol aimed squarely between your eyes.

"Officer Parker--" you begin, your heart racing.  Every muscle in your body starts to tremble, and you can feel a cool layer of sweat begin to form across your face and underarms.

"Officer Parker couldn't make it," the imposter says.  He gives a quick glance over to Suxie.  "Change your heading.  We're approaching through the center of the battle line!" he orders.

Suxie hesitates, sniffling and whining in frozen horror.

"Do it!" the impostor yells, his pistol unwaivering.

As you continue to stare at the potential voltage being held less than an inch from your face, you consider your options.  You:

Do nothing.

Order Suxie to change the heading.

Attempt to disarm the man.