Lust in Space

Captain Nora Bradley has full intentions of keeping her relationship with former classmate, and now First Officer, Robert Smith, purely professional, when she hires him.  The two, along with a crew of top professionals in their fields, embark on a journey into regions of space not yet charted.

Along the way, the crew endures a space flu that puts the entire ship in fevered frenzy, alien races that change the crews’ perceptions of size, compatibility, and companionship, and hitchhiking shape-shifters that will do just about anything to keep their sensuous human forms.  As the crew endures, Nora and Robert can’t help but profess their love for one another . . . but can their love survive a mix-up with the shape-shifters, the unexpected takeover of their ship, and intergalactic war?

Lust in Space placed in the top ten in the 2009 Predators and Editors readers awards, was a Night Owl Reviews top pick, and won the book of the week award at Whipped Cream.

Lust in space was released January 31 2009 through Ravenous Romance, and is also available at Amazon's Kindle StoreSony e-Book Store, and Barnes and Noble.

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