"Just do what he says," you yell.

"Comander?" Suxie asks.

"That's an order!" you say, closing your eyes and hoping that Officer Parker's impostor doesn't shoot you despite your compliance.

Suxie changes the heading.

He pulls a set of handcuffs from a pocket and tosses them to Suxie.  He shoves you toward her, his aim never leaving your head.  "Handcuff the commander to the console."

Suxie grimaces apologetically as she secures your left wrist to the console.

He tosses her a second set of handcuffs.  "Now, your turn!"

She looks hesitant, seemingly reading your thoughts: with both of you handcuffed to the console, you'll have no chance at stopping him.

"Now!" he barks.

She fastens her wrist to the console with a frown.

He sits back, looking at ease, seemingly having forgotten about the insect-sized crewmember who has disappeared between the supply cabinet and the electrical paneling. 

You give your security officer's imposter an angry scowl.  "Space-Corp has you outnumbered.  You know you can't win."

He sets the stun gun on the console beside him, putting up his feet.  "We have infiltrators on half the fleets on their way to fight us.  Space-Corp won't know what hits it."

Suxie mutters something incomprehensible beneath her breath.

"What was that?" he asks, sitting forward.

"I said I wouldn't be so cocky if I were you," she says loudly.

You fight the impulse to chuckle, knowing better than to tip your hand.  You and Suxie both act surprised when a sudden, explosive blast shakes the cabin and everything goes dark and quiet.  You can't see the taser pistol, but you know the desperate alien still has it aimed at you.

"What did you do?" he asks, a hint of fear in his voice.

"It wasn't either of us!" you tell him, bracing yourself for the hot, electric sting of his weapon.

"The little guy--where the hell did he go?  He did this!" you hear the man yell through the darkess.

The supply cabinet begins to vibrate as Buzz laughs and buzzes from his hiding spot.

The imposter began to sound desperate.  "Where is he?"

You turn as the airlock opens and three men in spacesuits charge in, armed with flashlights and taser guns.  They disarm the alien imposter and free you and Suxie.

As you sit in the cabin of the rescue shuttle, Buzz giggling as he retells the story of how he had sent Pandora's Hope a distress message using his insect-like antennae, relaying the Nova infiltration plan and saving the fleet, you notice Suxie giving you a suggestive eye.

You glance away, realizing that one the rescuing crewmen is also sending you looks if interest.

You reach Pandora's Hope to regroup and exit the dock.

You follow Suxie to her room.

You stay behind and chat with the cute crewman.

You find your room and go to bed.