You slowly open your eyes, realizing that you are lying on an infirmary bed.  Your limbs ache, but you find you're able to move them without any difficulty.  You feel your bandaged neck, noting the sensation of three stitches beneath the soft, thick gauze.

"Hurry up!" you hear a woman say with a giggle.

You glance over to the bed across the way, noting the sheet only half concealing Dr. Johnson and Engineering Manager Stanton shedding their clothes.  They don't seem to notice that you've come to, and you watch with both embarrassment and excitement as she takes his sizeable erection into her mouth.

He leans back against the infirmary bed, his eyes closing and his lips parting with a light, pleasured smile.  She strokes him gently as her lips work down the shaft, finding the head, then taking it back again.

You glance away, feeling guilty for watching, although your ears continue to listen intently.  He moans lightly, and she hushes him with a giggle.

"You might wake our patient!"

"Wouldn't want that!" he replies, pulling back and bending her over the side of the bed.  He enters her with an excited thrust, and she gasps and squeals as he takes her hard and fast.  "Shh!" he says as an uncontrolled moan escapes her.

They both freeze as a uniformed shipmate enters, holding a mildly swollen thumb.  "Doc?"

You close your eyes, afaid they might see you, as one of them grabs the sheet and pulls it fully closed.

The doctor clears her throat.  "I'm with a patient.  I'll be right with you."

"How long will the wait be?  I'm on a break," the shipmate says.

"Be right there!" she says.

"Doc, the swelling!  You can't stop now!" Engineer Stanton moans playfully behind the sheet.

"Oh, my!" the doctor cries out.

You and the shipmate exchange glances.  You shrug, close your eyes, and listen to the rest of the show.

VOYER ENDNG -- Please proceed to the debriefing room.