"We're off the clock," you tell him.

He smiles.  "Yes, we are."

You smile back.  "Maybe we could go somewhere private, and I can show you how much I appreciate your coming to my rescue."

"My room isn't far," he says, then leads the way.

The room is small and moderately furnished, with little more than a bed and a minimally stocked wetbar.  You sit down on the bed as he crosses to a music player and turns on a jazzy twentieth-century Earth tune.

"Can I get you something to drink?" he asks, holding up a nice looking bottle of Haslim wine.  You nod, prompting him to pour two glasses of the potent, sweet purple elixir.  He joins you on the bed and hands you a glass.

You take liberal a sip and the alien alcohol hits your head instantly.  You giggle.  "Wow!"

He smiles, and suddenly you notice just how amazing his eyes are when he smiles--sincere, bright, focused--and as they concentrate on you, the stress of the day dissolves and your thoughts fill with anticipation of his firm body moving against yours.  The music moves to the rhythm to your heartbeat, and you set aside your glass as he moves to kiss you.

You feel a light brush of stubble against your face as he takes you close, your bodies moving as though slow-dancing over the bed.  Your shirts seem to shed themselves, and his firm chest against yours sends an electrifying heat through your body.  His hands explore you, helping you out of the rest of your clothing, as you pull at his pants and release his growing erection.  Your heart and the music both beat harder as you stroke him, his fingers gently recriprocating against your hot, swelling arousal.

His strong hands grip your body, moving you to your stomach, and in an instant he is upon you.  He spreads your legs and presses into you, and you arch into him, your body tensing as he slowly fills you.  You raise to your knees, thrusting into him as he fills you completely, your breath escaping you in harmony with the music.  Your bodies fall into rhythm and you grind him in deep, taking him hard.  You bury your face in the pillow as your pleasure builds, each thrust growing upon the intensity of the last, and your grip the sheets as your muscles contract and compel him even deeper.  You moan and gasp as he powers into you, finding the hidden richness that impels you you spread your legs wider and thrust against him even harder.

The music grows resonant and rich, but the powerful course pulsing between you overwhelms the rest of your senses.  The melody becomes the intensity driving into you, the heavy beat transforming into the powerful thrusts plunging into you and taking over your body.  Your limbs tremble as you grip the sheets even harder and cry out, the music rushing through you and the overwhleming release erupting deep inside.  The rush sweeps through you, from your core to your limbs, and you collapse as he finishes hard and deep.

You turn to him, catching your breath, feeling warm and content.

PURPLE PROSE ENDING -- please proceed to your debriefing file.