Suxie moves sensuously, gracefully.  You can understand now why the Esirians are better known as the "unicorn people"--they really are as majestic as their name implies.

"You are beautiful," you tell her, then marvel at her lovely smile.

She caresses your cheek with a soft, white hand, shifting her body further back against the cushions.  You push back and slide down, your lips finding her stomach and kissing it softly.  Her hands gently usher you further, and you leave a string of kisses as she coaxes you down.  You bring your lips to her well trimmed pussy, taking her in as you press against her trim inner thighs.  She tastes like warm honey and cherry blossoms as you probe deep with your tongue, and she leans into you with a heavy, pleasured breath.  You find the sweet spot and take over her body, compelling from her deep moans, her legs shaking and writhing at your will, her fingers gripping the cushions tighter with every subtle move you make.  She cries out, "Don't stop!"

HAPPY ENDING -- Please proceed to debriefing ... in the morning.  Until then, enjoy the sexy Esirian.