Suxie catches your eye as you move down the hall, and she hints for you to follow.  She stops and turns to you as she reaches her door.

"Do you like Esirian ale?" she asks.

"I've never tried it," you admit.

"Would you like to try some?"

You nod eagerly, and she grins as her door opens and she invites you in.  Her room is furnished in silky white, with a plush bed and thick, expensive rugs.

Suxie goes to a small wet-bar and serves two tall glasses of the amber-pink ale.  "Have a seat."

You sit down on a nearby loveseat, sinking into the soft, comfortable cushion.  Suxie hands you a glass and you marvel at the swirls of colors, like a sunset, in the ale.  You take a sip.  The warm sizzle of carbonation and alcohol hits your tongue, the tangy-dry taste of the ale both refreshing and inviting.

"What do you think?" she asks.

You nod your approval.  "I like it."

She sits beside you, putting a hand on your lap.  "I typically don't make passes at my commanding officer.  Perhaps we're both reacting to a particularly stressful day."

You drink down some more ale with a shrug.  "It was a stressful day."

She finishes her glass and sets it down, shifting her full attention to you.  You take in her beautiful Esirian features, the delicately curled horn on her forehead, her long, white hair.  Her eyes are intense, their rich blue stunning against her pale face.  She has a slender but muscular build, and her breasts are firm and round.  You watch, your breath going still, as she unbuttons her blouse.  You help her remove the article, and she gently takes your hand and places it on her warm chest.

You caress her soft skin as she discards her bra, and your hand moves to feel her supple breast.  Her nipples are beautifully pronounced and erect, and you feel moved to kiss one.  It is firm yet soft against your lips.  Her fingers lace through your hair as you kiss and caress her, drawing lightly against her nipple, your hands moving to feel her firm, round ass.  She brings you closer, pressing your bodies together, and she rests against the soft cushions as you move to her lips to kiss her.

You kiss slowly, passionately, and the stress of the day melts in the heat of the moment, your body excited yet relaxed, lost in blissful mesh of physical sensation.  She unbuttons your shirt, caressing your chest, her warm hands rousing to the touch.  She tugs at your belt, then eases off your pants.  You work together to free her from her pants, her lips still soft against yours, then all at once you feel her firm, hot body against yours.  Your hand slides down between her legs to explore her warm depths, and she bites her lip as you search and explore with your fingertips.  You feel her soft caress, then her fingers brushing excitedly against your groin.  Your body arches and your mind reels as the excitement of her curves and the feel of her touch send a warm, electric shiver through you.

Keep going.

Suggest something kinky.

Suggest you two move to the bed.