Officer Suxie Kasri: Tactitian and co-pilot.  Officer Kasri has been with Space-Corp for only a year, but her experience in the Esirian armed forces makes her the best tactitian in the field.  She also has a gift for language translation and acquisition.  Like all Esirians, she can be very emotional over what most others would consider trivial matters, so keep small talk to a minimum until you know her sensitivities.

Security Manager Brad Parker:  Star cruiser internal security.  Officer Parker is proficient in Vastran Kempo and internal stun technique.  Like all humans, he tends to take himself a little too seriously, but to his credit, his is good at what he does.

Engineer Buzz Locaru:  Star cruiser repair and vehicle overrides.
*Special note* Like all Locaru, Engineer Buzz has the size and appearance of a large insect.  Please take the utmost care when navigating within your star cruiser, as not to crush your teammate.

It's time to meet your team for briefing.  Are you ready?

Yes, sir!

Uh . . . I don't think I can work with an insect-man onboard.